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Vaz is one of India’s most well recognized stand-up comedians. Her one-woman comedy specials ‘Unladylike’ and ‘Older. Angrier. Hairier.’ have sold-out in New York, Los Angeles, Dubai, Sri Lanka, Singapore and all major Indian cities.

Her web-series ‘Shugs & Fats’ won the prestigious Gotham Independent Film Awards in New York and was featured at the Tribeca Film Festival, IFP Filmweek, Tacoma Film Festival and Miami Film Festival and she is one of Filmmaker Magazines ’25 New Faces of Independent Film’. (http://shugsandfats.tv/ )

Radhika’s book ‘Unladylike, A Memoir’ is now available in stores and online. She also writes a bi-weekly column in the Times of India’s op-ed page (http://blogs.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/author/radhikavaz/) and is a regular contributor to Hindustan Times, GQ, Grazia, Vogue and Architectural Digest amongst other publications. She has also written and performed in online marketing campaigns for companies including Lufthansa, Sofy Sanitary Pads and the fashion website Fab Alley.

She performs regularly at private events and her clients include the Young Presidents Organization, Entrepreneurs Organizations, American Express, McKinsey & Co, Ikea, Audi, Rado Watches and Makemytrip.com. Considered one of the pioneers of the stand-up movement in India she has been featured in Vogue’s ‘The power of 50’, on BBC, NDTV and Radio One, and on NPR’s Fresh Air with Terry Gross.

You can reach Rad Vaz at deepakthakran@gmail.com.


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    Older. Angrier. Hairier.
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    UNLADYLIKE: The pitfalls of propriety.
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    Miss Vaz’s Valentine Variety Hour.
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    The Kat and Rad Show.

Older. Angrier. Hairier. (July 2013 – ongoing)

Radhika Vaz is Old. With a whole new show.

With her second one-woman comedy special (1hr 15min, English) the over-the-top funny and irreverent comedian, focuses her wit on the humiliations of aging in a culture that worships youth, her decision not to have children, and her constant struggle to overcome her obsession with housework. While tackling complicated issues isn’t new to this comic, with OAH she has morphed in to a socially relevant commentator who unapologetically mocks conventional wisdom in a high-octane performance that harks back to the classic comic stylings of George Carlin or Bill Hicks.

Vaz is breaking gender barriers. – The Daily Beast, NY.

A hilarious script, great comic timing and an ability to go where no man has gone before! – Manisha Sharma, Programming Head Weekends, Colors TV.

With sharp, witty material and a powerhouse performance, Vaz is one of the best comedians I have seen. – Mahesh Mathai, Founder, Blue Frog.

This ‘one-woman show’ owes thanks to many women and men:
Holly Mandel, Creative Consultant and improv coach. Katarina Kojic, Photography and Poster Design (www.soundograph.com). Anthony Minto, Sound and Light. Lara Lapysh, Stylist, Make-up. Marina Romashko, iDea Coach and Project Manager. Nadia Manzour, Creative Consultant. Suzanna Therian, Orli Ben-Dor, David Frenkiel, Becky Alexander, and Janelle Ballack for making sure that the audience were taken care of, I owe you guys a big bag full of cocaine.


UNLADYLIKE: The pitfalls of propriety. (Sept 2010)

“Unladylike: The pitfalls of propriety” is a one-woman comedy show that debuted in New York City in September 2010 to sold-out audiences. The show is the love child of a dirty affair between stand-up and sketch comedy and between Radhika Vaz (writer and perfomer) and Brock Savage (director and developer). The show explores the universal truths of modern womanhood which means that the words ‘I hate giving blow jobs’, and ‘I nag because I am good at it’, and ‘It is impossible for me to look sexy and have an orgasm at the same time’ are all part of the script.

The Indian Wanda Sykes. – The Huffington Post, NY.

Vaz looks like an angel but is a rebel in disguise. – Time Out, Mumbai.

This ‘one-woman show’ owes thanks to many women and men:
Marina Romashko, iDea Coach and Project Manager. Katarina Kojic, Photography and Poster Design. Lara Lapysh, Stylist, Make-up. Suzanna Therian, Orli Ben-Dor, Smita Baliga, and David Frenkiel for being the best ushers an unlady could want. And to Improvolution, the improv school that believes anyone can improvise.


CultureShock. (July 2011)

Directed by Brock Savage and hosted by Radhika Vaz ‘CultureShock’ is comedy for a cause. The proceeds of this variety show went towards Womens Education Project (www.womenseducationproject.org). Staring Orli Ben-Dor, Kevin.R.Free, Katarina Kojic, Carrie Gravenson, Chad Miller, and Carl Riehl the show includes sketch, music, stand-up and improv.


Miss Vaz’s Valentine Variety Hour. (Feb 2011)

Directed by Brock Savage and hosted by Radhika Vaz this show featured sketch, song, stand-up and improv by David Frenkiel, Mike Drummey, Orli Ben-Dor, Carrie Gravenson, Radhika Vaz and Mr.Savage himself.


The Kat and Rad Show. (Oct 2009)

What does a queefing yoga instructor, a frustrated wife of a low-ranking terrorist and a lesbian not quite out of the closet have in common? They all appear in The Kat and Rad Show. This show featured comedic monologs and sketches written, directed and performed by Radhika Vaz and Katarina Kojic. The supporting cast included stellar performances by Liza Mulvenna, Mandy Bedbury, Eric Ludwig, and David Frenkiel.


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