Smiley Face.

In the olden days the phrase ‘just kidding’ was what people tacked on to anything they were saying or writing so that the person they were saying it or writing

Sister Peggy Ricketts.

By age 14 I knew that athletes were the coolest people on earth. My father had presented me with ‘The Wills Book of Olympics’ (a picture book sponsored by a

The style issue.

I have always been attracted to men and women who have style. Most of my friends are hip, cool, stylish people. Needless to say there are a few exceptions who

A 12-year-old asshole.

I have long held the belief that children are innocent victims of crappy parenting. It isn’t the child’s fault that it is rude and insolent; it is the mother and


‘You, young lady, are a grinder.’ These were the words uttered by my dearly beloved, rather conservative dentist, Doctor Kaminski who was in the habit of asking me what I

My glamorous life.

Five years ago, after I received my Green card – the holiest of Holy Grails for an immigrant, I quit my full-time job for a life in the arts.  I

My friends the Suburbanites.

This weekend my husband and I received an invitation to spend Thanks Giving Day dinner at the home of our friends Arjun and Monika Talwalkar.  Thanks Giving is a huge

Would I have jumped?

Last week a flight attendant by the name of Steven Slater lost his temper and subsequently his job. What happened (for my non-American friends) was that a passenger on a