‘You, young lady, are a grinder.’ These were the words uttered by my dearly beloved, rather conservative dentist, Doctor Kaminski who was in the habit of asking me what I

My glamorous life.

Five years ago, after I received my Green card – the holiest of Holy Grails for an immigrant, I quit my full-time job for a life in the arts.  I

My friends the Suburbanites.

This weekend my husband and I received an invitation to spend Thanks Giving Day dinner at the home of our friends Arjun and Monika Talwalkar.  Thanks Giving is a huge

Would I have jumped?

Last week a flight attendant by the name of Steven Slater lost his temper and subsequently his job. What happened (for my non-American friends) was that a passenger on a

Growing Pains.

By the age of 13 I had concluded that I was going to grow up to be a man.  What led me to this conclusion was the fact that unlike

My one-woman show is finally here!

My Beloved Reader, My one woman show ‘Unladylike: The pifalls of propriety’ will debut in New York City on September 9, 2010. For those of you in New York and its surrounding

Do I want to be a mother? Possibly.

Up to now I have managed to remain un-pregnant. This was by design because motherhood wasn’t something I considered for myself,  I did not see it as necessary to my happiness,

F#$k you M$%^er-F$%$er!

There are two types of people – those who swear and those who don’t.  I recognized this growing up by simply observing my parents.  My mother did not swear. She

Do things ever really change?

This past weekend I made plans to meet with an old school friend – Tarun Kuruvilla – who was less a friend and more my nemesis from the 7th grade