Parental Pride.

Those of you who know me (and those of you who have read blog #7) know what I think of parents who boast about their children. They must be exterminated.

Bad Fads.

I am not the first person you would think of if you were making a list of people who dressed well.  In fact I have the unique gift of taking a perfectly

Granny Panty Enthusiast.

There was a time in my life when I was a thong girl, a time when I looked down upon full-coverage underwear. They were Granny Panties for Grannies. There was

What kind of Indian are you?

There is a game all Indians like to play. It’s the ‘Exactly where are you from’ game.  When one Indian meets another Indian for the very first time we like

The last word.

Women react badly to one word.  This word is not bitch. Or whore. Or slut. Most of us can ignore these words – they are silly words that may cause momentary anger

My brief history with porn.

PORN. Having grown up without the internet my exposure to porn was limited.  I was nine years old when I first viewed pornographic material.  It was in a magazine called