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Chaalu chapattis

Indian women know all about proxy accounts and how to clear our porn history If young Indian boys are worried about losing internet porn they have nothing on middle-aged women.

America loves Haryana

Men are this state’s second best export after buffalo meat Move over Eastern European mail order brides, there is a new kid in town – the Haryanvi Facebook Groom. And

Uncool as hell

The most thoughtless, immature heteros are allowed to marry as many times as they choose It is some sort of fashion for Indians to call Americans stupid. ‘ Ohmygodya Americans

Breast Queen

Every girl with low self-esteem caused by Bollywood cleavage has been waiting for this Yesterday as I was innocently shopping for moisturiser , and frantically trying to figure out what to write about for

Shrimp Xacutti

That’s what broke the back of my vegetarianism Many are onside with the beef ban. I am not. It’s nobody’s business what i eat. And how different are we from

Mother knows best

In honour of Mother’s Day, rather than wish my mum i decided to write about a battle that she and i would wage with great regularity right through my 20s.

Riffraff girl

She knows her place and it ain’t with the models Like all self-respecting humans i go through my moments of low self-respect. In my case it doesn’t take much, the