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Shrimp Xacutti

That’s what broke the back of my vegetarianism Many are onside with the beef ban. I am not. It’s nobody’s business what i eat. And how different are we from

Mother knows best

In honour of Mother’s Day, rather than wish my mum i decided to write about a battle that she and i would wage with great regularity right through my 20s.

Riffraff girl

She knows her place and it ain’t with the models Like all self-respecting humans i go through my moments of low self-respect. In my case it doesn’t take much, the

Lakshmibai fallacy

They worship feminist heroes from 1857, but suppress India’s Daughter today International Women’s Day is a day that i have come to find slightly more annoying than Valentine’s Day and

Jaatland mum

Stop managing what your boy eats, drinks and marries My mother-in-law raised my husband with the intent to make all of his most important life decisions. It’s not her fault. She

Losing his humour

Did Aamir get preachy before or after posing naked with a needlessly large radio shielding his boyhood? A few weeks ago our homegrown puritans got their squeaky clean undies all

Crazy, stupid, comedy

Feeling the pressure be funny at all times, in the shower, on stage, at the dentist’s I have spent the last two weekends immersed in the madness that has been